The Greene McIlwaine Foundation
 The Greene McIlwaine Foundation


We are a Non-Profit Organization that provides needed care consulting to families that have children or family members with newly diagnosed or existing diagnosis of special needs. We assist with navigating their communities of health care, educational, recreational/community activities/systems to develop active engagement in the services that are needed. The support can be imm​ensely beneficial due to the guidance and support that is needed to navigate the complexities of and within the systems of overall care. The health care system includes medical, dental, specialty health care services such as mental health, IDD, and other services. The educational system includes engaging, interacting, and advocating with and for parents/caregivers, school staff regarding IEP’s, 504 plans and ongoing services/meetings to further address educational and/or career development. The recreational/community living activities include life-long community integration skills for a long and health lifestyle with as much relevant independence as possible. Additionally, the foundation has supportive counseling, support groups, social skills training and other different types of therapies and supports that are exclusively for participants and families. 

Dr. Latasha McIlwaine 

Mr. Tremayne Greene

Mr. Michael McIlwaine, Jr.

Second Initiative- Young Sister Circle

We have also developed a second Initiative where we will provide support to young mothers between the age of 12 to 21 while they are pregnant and up to 5 years after giving birth. This is our Young Sister Circle. Our supportive programming will include, but are not limited to referrals and linkage to services, support groups, counseling, advocacy, educational workshops, life skill and planning, family support services and any additional services that are needed. We would also like to continue developing elements of the program to support personal and professional goals such as working skills, job preparation, volunteer in other community programs, preparation for college, business opportunities and scholarship programs.

More information to come!

Art and Dance Therapy


Our third Initiative is focused on the Arts!  We want to promote health, education, fitness and wellness to our next generation and adults. We are providing art and dance therapy classes to individuals wanting to increase their movement, fitness, healthy living & nutrition and increasing the healthiest mental health status.  We will continue to develop additional elements of this program to promote overall well-being.    

More Information to  come! 



International Counseling and Business Leadership Summit 

We want to promote and focus on the education and development of counseling professionals. We will offer benefits to Counseling Professionals and Counseling Leaders. Empower and encourage leaders with that vision to be a part of our Counselor Mentoring Partnership to assist new counseling professionals. Conduct Monthly Meetings with Speakers that focus on areas of Counseling and Business Development and Growth.  Weekly Calls with Speakers discussing and sharing various topics.

More Information to come. 

“We are walking in our purpose!”

The Greene McIlwaine Family 


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